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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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at ikea, we believe that making room for one more spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget. now at 11:00, storm team 4 ray dpar showing rain headed our way. it should move in during your morning commute. doug kammererer will tell us how long that rain will last.
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major hint. and news4 dig into the past of the man who fired a rifle inside a dc restaurant. we'll walk you through his criminal history. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 starts now. first tonight, some of the nastiest weather we've seen in quite a while is headed straight for us. i'm chris lawrence. >> i'm doreen gentzler. we start tonight in the weather center. doug kammererer tracking a lot of rain and some cold temperatures for >> it really is going to be awful. it's a nasty day. if there is one kind of weather, the one i really can't stand is cold and rainy. that's exactly what we've got tomorrow. we are in red mode. it's the a weather alert day. that is because of all the rain we'll see and the cold temperatures. no rain across the region right now. not bad out there part of fact. temperatures still a little bit above average. just down to the south this is
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the rain that we are going to see tomorrow most of it back with the upper level low back to the west, this is all coming our way, too. rain tomorrow moving in just in time for the latter half of the morning rush. nasty, cold, and wet. not liking that much. much colder late week. much colder. chchs in the 20s on friday. many areas may not get above freezing. it's going to be really that cold. we'll talk about that. another weather alert, day two in the next we are learning more tonight about the man accused of opening fire in the comet pizza restaurant. his run-ins with the law date back nearly a decade and he has a case pending against him in in north carolina right now, a case involving a child. jackie bensen is live with more. >> reporter: we've learned he had volunteered as a firefighter, and he called him
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with a gun similar to the one he brought to the nation's capitol yesterday are posted on imdb. he entered comet ping-pong and fired shots that physically didn't injure anyone. he claims he went to t foundation was associated with the pizza restaurant. he said he wanted to free child sex live ises he thought were being held there. he has a criminal history including charges of marijuana possession, drinking and driving and a open container violation. he is accused of hitting a 13-year-old boy walking along a
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crimes in north carolina. he is now facing three felony charges, including assault with a deadly weapon, and a misdemeanor gun charge. he is being held without bond. he plotted to attack the capitol during president's state of union address, now christopher cornell is going to spend 30 years behind bars. cornell's lawyers only wanted ten to 20 arguing that he no on propaganda that influenced him. cornell is from ohio. and last he was arrested outside a gun shop in cincinnati. he had bought two semiautomatic rifles and ammunition. police are trying to find out if two shootings minutes apart are connected. a man would shot at 78h 8:30 along curtis hills. he died at the hospital.
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that man was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition. no arrests have been made. chopper 4 above a nasty crash between falls road and route 28. two cars slammed into each other 6:30. one of the cars flipped over. we are told everybody inside both of the vehicles is okay. there was a major backup while crews cleared the debris away. again by the verizon center after crews fixed this sichg hole. it opened up north 6th street a few hours ago. it just reopened about 30 minutes ago. a sheriff in can't says he doesn't expect to find any more victims from that massive warehouse fire in oakland. 36 bodies have been pulled from the so-called post ship.
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firefighters in dc and prince george's county. new at 11:00 my fear, fright. >> reporter: lawrence ball describes how he feels about the fire that ripped through a warehouse in his oakland, california, neighborhood. >> absolutely frightened. i have a lot of friends up there. we have contractors who wore in that area. >> reporter: tonight the death toll has reached 36. he owns a dimmingal graphics
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art studios and residential units. he says the property own and land lord do a great job keeping the area safe. >> dc has strict requirements for bag property manager and being able to maintain a ceo for the property you want to the rent out. >> reporter: he feels safe. when he walks out of the office here in the hallway there is a fire exi think the the wisher and a fire alarm. the cause of the fire in oakland is under investigation. received complaints about the building over the past decade and just last month inspectors responded to illegal construction. >> we work closely with the agency that issues permits. >> reporter: in prince george's county, the department works hard to prevent fires like the one in oakland. >> what we do here in prince george's county, we work closely with our agency that handles permitting investigations and enforcement. because there are fire life
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lawrence ball prays for the families of the victims. >> you hope they are going to be okay. >> reporter: in northwest dc, shomari stone. news4. we are calling people around the country to set that tone before the inauguration in the spirit of dr. king because much of what he fought for is at risk. >> reverend al sharpton was in temple hills on the promoting a rally that will take place six days before the inauguration. the event will be held outside sharp says he wants donald trump's administration to know the civil rights community is committed to moving dr. king's mission forward. muir yell boughser will meet with president-elect donald trump tomorrow at her request n. a news release bowser mentioned the district's growing economy is one topic she will bring up. no mention of dc statehood or trump's lawsuit against the district in that news release. bouzer and trump disagree on the
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wary city for immigrants. mark see graves will be in new york to cover that meeting. he will bring us updates throughout the day. you can follow him on twitter. his handle at @satisfy graves nbc 4. after such a divisive election, arlington county's new bishop is promising to promote peace and healing. he is reminding his flock that we are all in this together. the bishop, michael burr bridge wi he said it's his job to approximately parishioners we are all brothers and sisters and despite our politics we should treat each other with respect into even when we disagree, when we have different perspectives, we don't label or dismiss one another but truly listen and respect each on or about. >> the bishop says one of his goals is to just listen to how
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than 600,000 catholics. the countdown is onto the grand opening of the mgm national casino. >> here's a sneak preview of what you can expect a. gambling floor bigger than the white house. an art collection that includes a collage from singer bob dylan. a 308 room skmoettle spa plus restaurants from well-known selves. opening night, december 8th at a we count down to that opening we found some casinos who are kicking out players they say aren't playing by the rules. >> they get put on a secret list that you can't see. only on news4 the i-team investigates. is this all to benefit the casino. plus, what the vice president said a couple of hours ago that has a lot of democrats
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nt savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. it's well over a month but vice president joe biden says he is running for president in 2020. but he said with it a smile. for now it's a joke. but when pressed he said he is not not running. and new tonight -- >> i think it's fitting to dedicate this bill's critical cancer initiatives in honor of someone who would be proud of the presiding office today, and that's his son, beau. in just a moment that's exactly
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initiatives in this bill after beau biden. >> that turned into an emotional bipartisan moment on the chamber floor. that promotion of that bill will provide more than a billion dollars for cancer research if it passes. >> great to see that moment of unity. short lived as it probably is. maryland's newest casino opens in days it is a safe bet we are going to see fairly large crowds. >> the news4 prohibited from entering some local casinos but you can't see it. >> as scott mcfar land reports some call these lists as abuse of power aimed at keeping highly skilled players from winning too much. >> reporter: joe stirs is a pro you. >> see the same people everywhere you go on the circuit. >> he is from silver spring and plays in the major pro poker tournament. >> you are just traveling to a
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>> reporter: he used to spend plenty of time at the blackjack tables in maryland, too. but desire says he is no longer allowed in horse shoe casino in baltimore. >> four guys in suits came up behind me. >> he was booted because they said he is a card counter, that's a player who can count how many face cards have been played in the deck in blackjack. the casinos didn't want him there counting. i know, too. >> reporter: they kick you out without a warning? >> yeah. >> reporter: horse shoe casino declined to comment. justin mills said he was accused of card counting, too, and was boot. his eviction from the casino is seen posted on you tube. mills argues the casino didn't properly train its security that card counting is not illegal. his case is pending and maryland
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the i-team wanted the know how many players have been booted from one or all of maerl's casinos. we found out through a public records request from state regulators we found 3600 of them. each casino has a list. and maryland state officials have copies. >> good luck to you. >> reporter: but who was booted and for what? the state doesn't specify. the list of banned maryland casino players are kept private unlike in other states in our re. post the names of gambles booted by government gaming investigators and why. some for cheating, stealing, others for fighting or brawling on the casino floor like these customers in dover downs casino in delaware. it seems they are allowed to boot players for card counting even though it's not illegal and those names are not listed by the state.
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publicly listed. >> maryland getting there. >> reporter: james karnel says when casinos first opened in maryland they were overseen by an agency accustomed to running the state's lottery. he kmpts a more transparent system will be used. >> maryland is moving in the right direction in that way as far as bringing in casino experts, gaming experts, not just lottery people then taking maryland lottery and gaming control agency for an interview to talk about its system for he can clueding players but they instead gave us a written statement saying when the public disclosure is appropriate and can provide a benefit to our state and skoips we will do -- casinos, we will do it.
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to the state to overturn his eviction. financially hurt you. >> yeah it is a crushing blow. >> the matter lottery and gaming control agency says it is reviewing its list of he can clued players and will make a determination about form and content of public disclosure in the future. to see the most common cheating schemes at casinos nbc washington app and click on i-team investigation. are we hours away from the first of two weather systems? >> we do need to see the rain, but tomorrow comes with rain and cold, and it's all day. that's why we're calling tomorrow a weather alert day. friday's weather alert is different.
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55 at dulles. we don't get anywhere near these numbers any time soon. much colder air coming in. around the rest of the roinl right now we are in the 30s in some of the suburbs. 37 in man arizona, 36 westchester, 34, fort meade. we have cooler air in some will see freezing rain. for us, no winter weather advisory. i don't see any chance of mixing. haguerstown, that's about it. no rain in our area right now. just off to the south and west you see what is happening. a lot of rain to our south. most of this will miss us. what is coming in is this area of low pressure. you can into he the spin this the atmosphere towards dallas. that's going to continue to lift
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will be talking about rain. tonight at 11, cloud cover. tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., here comes the rain, mostly in through northern virginia. the latter portion is ready. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, watch what happens by 9:00. everybody seeing the rain. computer model giving us a mix up to the north. it will not last. won't be a big deal. but don't be surprised to see that up into those areas. watch what happens by the noon yeah, rain, encompassing the entire region. a very rainy day tomorrow. even through 6:00. the heaviest rain coming through the afternoon rush. it's going to be tough out there in cars. if you are driving around at 5:00, 6:00, watch out for the rain give yourself extra time. 44 by 3:00. temperature not going anywhere quickly a. very cold day across our region. impact tomorrow will be high.
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alert day. something special for you, every. we have got a second weather alert day on friday. a high temperature of 38. wind chill on friday going for 25 to 30. ail all day. saturday, same thing, 39 for high. wind chill in the 20s. on sunday we are back to 45 and wind chills in the 30s. >> double weather alert. getting in practice for the winter ahead. >> getting into >> gearing up for christmas. >> still ahead, the nats making some noise at the winter meetings. but after some tough talk from their coach, the capitols come up flush the. >> sports is next.
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. j breweden isn't only coach that wasn't happy with his team's performance earlier. earlier today the caps lost three straight games and despite what happened last season, trots was hoping his tough words would pay off. in the second period, the caps down a goal already. beagle fighting for the lose puck. beagle at the net for the deflection. fifth goal for the season.
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offense here. caps turn it over. braden holtby can't come up with this save. okposo puts capitols on top by one. third period, caps on the power play, carlson. knotted up to 2-2. headed to overtime. more from mojo, bringing it down for the caps. nice nice score there. capitols beat samers, #-2 the final in overtime. nba, john wall and the wizards on the road take on the nets tonight. wall took over this game. fourth quarter, wizards up one. wall forces the turnover. he is going the other way to finish on the other end. he had three steals in this game. the wizards are up three. plays later. wall is feeling it. spots up. knocks down the three.
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check out this pass. beautiful, no-look pass. john wall there, cut for morris. wall finished with 25 points, 1 assists. final seconds, trying to make something happen. they can't. beale comes wum the steal. wizards win their second road game of the season 118-113. major league baseball. nats are closing in on a for white sox pitcher chris pail. chicago is rumored to want pitcher lucas gee leto. the big news in the winter meeting, bryce harper and the nats are reportedly preparing to move on without harper when he becomes a free agent in 2018. according to the report, harper is looking for a deal more than ten years, $400 million.
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no long term talks. they are focused on next season. $400 million. man. that's a lot of money. >> nice if you can get it. i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side,
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we've got good news about a story we've been following since july. a woman from frederick, maryland, imprisoned in west africa was granted bail today. she was woman seen wearing a blue dress here. she was sentenced to three years in jail for her alleged involvement in an anti-government protest in gambia. her family says she is innocent.
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charges could be dropped at that time. >> i'm sure he and the rhett of the family are praying that's what happens. >> to have her home soon. that's it for us. the tonight show with jimmy fallon is up next. >> get the warm coats out. >> and the in my future, i'm twice as likely to have a stroke. i'm at higher risk for depression. i'm 26% more likely to develop an irregular heartbeat. i have a 65% higher chance of developing diabetes. no matter who we are, these diseases can be managed or prevented when caught early on. because with better research, the right medicine, and with doctors who help keep me healthy to begin with,
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